Monday, February 1, 2010

DIY: Curtains

Whilst out shopping for roman shade items, I fell in love with the fabric I posted about here and decided I HAD to have curtains out of it. I found this article which broke down every step and measurement to perfect simplicity. I had no idea making curtains was so easy! After a few short hours of time...
I ended up with the most gorgeous curtains EVER! Even David (who doesn't usually have much to say about things of this nature) keeps commenting on how much he loves them. These curtains flank the windows in the stairwell landing, an area which has not yet been rehabed and painted. As the space isn't finished, I'm not doing a full reveal quite yet. Up against black trim and dull mauve walls--my lovely curtains don't look their full fabulous yet. After painting, they'll POP and I'll share more.

In the daytime:
During the night:
If curtains were babies, I just had twins! I seriously love them.


  1. "If curtains were babies..." buhahahaha!!!! LOVE the curtains. I am majorly impressed!

  2. Me too- you did a really nice job, Kelly! I'm inspired to try my hand (as soon as I get a sewing machine) at something like this! I've been thinking it would be so handy to do some minor upholstery work and make window and shower curtains. Thanks for setting an example :-)

  3. Thanks Leslie. I never thought of doing shower curtains. What a great idea! In fact, I've been drooling over one from Anthropologie...wonder if I could figure out how to make it? I have a another curtain project to do and then you are welcome to borrow my sewing machine if you want. It's old, but it's solid! It sat for years collecting dust in my basement so the use would probably serve it well.