Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Garage Update: It may be built afterall

We were pretty garage-obsessed until the last post when we decided not to spend the $44,000-$73,000 we were quoted to build a garage. It was simply too much cash on one project when we have so many others we want to do at the same time. And just as we settled into the idea of no garage--the garage may be back within reach!

Apparently it's hard times out there for contractors (although you wouldn't know it from the $73K bids we received) and there is now one willing to work with us and do the job within our budget. More details on this will be coming. We're kind of excited! And I am once again, dreaming of my garage with rooftop deck...


  1. It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind. I like this plan! And when it's built, I'll gladly sit and enjoy the view with you... and a bottle of wine. That is, if you can have wine. buhahahaha!

  2. oh yes, wine + deck is a good combo platter. You should plan your first trip back to visit now so it's not so sad when you leave for Texas. :)