Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Garage Update: Where is Drew Carey when you need him?

We have most of the bids in now. And I keep coming back to how they do it on The Price Is Right. The players bid on an item and the closest without going over wins. If all the players overbid a loud buzzer sounds, all the bid are removed and they have to give new, lower bids...

You get the idea. It's not going well.

The closest bid we have is still $9,000 off from fitting within our price range. My favorite bid is the one for $73,000. Really? $73,000? Incredible. We are currently trying to wrap our brains around the whole situation and decide what the next step will be.

If our hopes and dreams of a garage were summarized by a photo, this would it:CRUSHED.


  1. Does $73,000 include the slightly flattened Ferrari?

  2. ha ha! With our luck, that would be another $73,000.

  3. Kelly, I don't know if you've gotten my messages via Google's "Friend Connect", but you might want to check out these two posts on my blog:




  4. What a picture- that's crazy. There have GOT to be better quotes out there!! Best of luck!! I know I've seen a sweet old house blog with a garage project, but can't find it. If I see again, I'll attach it. Maybe they know something awesome.

  5. Wow, love the picture. Ouch on the bids!

  6. Leslie, definitely let me know if you find any tidbits of garage-building awesomeness. I'm in the market for those right now. ;) Hope your projects are progressing better than ours.

    And the winner is...Kimberly! Come on down and build me a garage for $1.