Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Judge this book by its cover!

Exterior painting has been completed! Thanks to Enrique, his associates and 60 gallons of primer/paint we have a whole new house. :) The pictures don't do justice to how dirty and damaged the paint was "before", but the yellow trim was bad enough on its own.

The colors we picked are based on historically accurate colors by Miller Paint. The house color is Rain Barrel and the accent red color was Shaker Red. We had Lowe's match the paint samples, and used December Starlight from the Lowe's brand as the trim.

For the primer we used recycled primer which we stumbled upon at Metro (in Portland) while picking up our composting bin. It worked great and is REALLY, REALLY cheap. I would highly recommend it.

Here are some before and after pics (click on the images to enlarge):

Here you can see the enclosure we had built to hide the A/C unit and close up the space under the deck. It's actually two large gates which still allow access. Another Enrique special! :)
The bare South Wall of the house is where the garage will be added....hopefully this Fall but perhaps not until Spring. We do have final drawings that I'll post soon!
And our own little slice of heaven on the deck off the master. David installed our hammock we picked up in Nicaragua a few years back: