Thursday, February 4, 2010

Garage Update: We don't need no stinking garage (right away)

The garage saga continues:
Turns out $35K will buy most people a garage, but not us. Our garage requires a lot of site prep work and that is causing the cost to skyrocket. A serious amount of dirt excavation and moving is needed. The cost for the cement footings, retaining walls, driveway and garage slab isn't helping either. This prep work alone is half the budget. Granted, this high cost DOES make sense when you look at what we're working with:New Plan = We'll get all the site work mentioned above done now. That way we'll be able to landscape, build gardens, get our cars off the street and have some outdoor space to hang out in. We'll still punch a new door on the South side of the house allowing easy access from the back of the house/parking slab into the basement. Then, we wait. We'll live with that set-up for a few years (maybe less if we get lucky) and then come back in to build the garage and deck on the pre-prepped site.

The upside to the new plan is it will free up enough funds to redo the kitchen, redo the three bathrooms, finish the (VERY) unfinished basement including a 4th bath and 4th bedroom, refinish the floors on the main level and repaint the main level. This is all pretty exciting stuff and we can't wait start the proverbial balls rolling!


  1. In love with this post! And very fond of the new plan of attack! I think you should accidentally damage your neighbor's retaining wall, then suggest they fix it up better than it was before! That is unsightly. I'd like to run into the giant boat parked in front of our house (barely on the property line). I dream of it. Anyway, off topic... LOVE the new plan!!!

  2. So frustrating!! What a bummer. BUT, everything else you'll be able to do now is awesome! Can't wait to see all the progress.

  3. Nick & Cindy - I'll just have to stare at photos of your fabulous garage until I get one of my very own!

    Kimberly - Was the boat there this weekend? How did I miss that?

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