Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Garage Update: Getting Bids

There is a steady stream of contractors rotating through our door these days. Have I mentioned I'm beyond ready to break ground on this project already? We have some bids back and are waiting for more to come in. Having said that, we've now entered the phase where we freak out because (so far) the contractors think our garage will cost a lot more than we anticipated. Seems a few think it will cost TWICE as much as we expected. The garage plot has, indeed, thickened. We try to laugh it off but mostly our blood pressure rises higher and higher. Hopefully there is more good news on the way when the remaining bids come in.

Until then, I dream of a beautiful outdoor patio space of my very own...
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  1. How is it that, no matter what, the project always costs more than you think, even AFTER you doubled your estimate because you know it will cost more than you think!