Friday, January 15, 2010

Factory Sale at Rejuvenation

Today marks the start of Rejuvenation's Factory Sale! I love their products but can rarely bring myself to pay their prices. When I arrived at the store this morning (with the rest of the mob) there were great deals to be had. They had an abundance of lighting hardware in all finishes and a whole rack of a personal fav of mine, their signature painted schoolhouse light shades. They also had some killer pedestal sinks and claw-foot tubs. If only we had a bathroom that could fit a beautiful claw-foot tub *sigh*. To boot, lots of rugs and furniture where also on sale.
Alas, we are in between major remodel projects right now and I didn't need anything from the sale. I did pick up a few keys (a recently developed obsession) from the salvage section to start off my vintage key collection. I might even have to get one of these just for good measure.


  1. Great keys. I love the style of your home, you guys did some major renovations. We have a house from the 70's, so we had to deal with some pretty bad decor:) Check out our blog.

  2. Hi Kelly, You are the winner of the Jewelry Art give away on my blog! Lucky you!

    Can you email me with your address when you have a minute and I can pass along your info to Heidi at Budget Wise Home?

    pearlstreetinteriors (at)

    Thanks and congrats!

  3. Are any of the keys you purchased the key to my heart?

  4. Hey, Kelly! Saw this, thought of your post:

  5. Thanks for the tip Leslie! Those keys are soo fabulous.