Sunday, January 10, 2010

Vintage Allure

It started with a mishap that landed David's SUV (and us) in Sellwood with a broken drivers side windshield wiper transmission during a (seemingly endless) rain storm. After an amazing meal, a cab ride, a lift from a friend and a good nights sleep, I found myself back in Sellwood (sans rain) to drop David off at the car. He was eager to get it home and try out the DIY repair he'd researched. I, on the other hand, was enjoying being out and about so I decided to pay a visit to the Stars Antique Mall (a popular Sellwood destination). I was prepared to find a store full of old things that smelled bad and cost a lot, but I ventured in anyway.

Needless to say, It was love at first sight. I found so many inspiring objects and ideas I could hardly contain myself. I got to a point more than once where my arms were so full of items I had to do a front counter drop-off and go back for more. I was practically skipping through the aisles by the end of the first building knowing there was an entire second building yet to go!

All of a sudden everything old was new again and seemed a perfect fit for my circa 1911 house. Most surprising of all, the price tags were incredibly reasonable. I got items with vintage character for much less than I could have bought them new. With a little doctoring up, vintage is so vogue!! My finds were all items for the butler's pantry which is currently a much-neglected spot in our home. And they are...

An old-school lamp style pendant light (that needs some TLC) for only $20!
A collection of large canning jars, small canning jars and a token milk jug. All of which will be used to organize the pantry shelves. (More on that when I actually do the re-org.) And, of course, a few token jars to put pretty flowers in this summer.

I like to think that some of these jars may have graced the shelves of my home 80 years ago and are now finding their way back home. *smiling sigh*


  1. I heart jars! I think it's cool that these have their lids! Do the lids have liners, too? I never heard of that antique mall, but may have to go looking sometime! There's a shop in SE that has lots of stained glass, that I am always meaning to stop by, too

  2. If you heart jars then you would love strolling through Stars, they have so many different kinds scattered throughout. The lids have a built-in thick white glass sealer on them which (I think) serves the purpose of a liner. They just don't make 'em like they used to.