Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pantry Update: The Light

The poor, sad pantry hasn't been touched since we moved in and most notably the light in the space was lacking. See for yourself (cob web and all):
During my recent vintage outing I picked up an old pendant light with the pantry in mind. I touched up the paint, swapped out the chain (painted to match), fixed the frame so the beveled glass inserts stayed in place and painted a basic ceiling plate to match.
David used his handy electrician skills and voilaa pretty new light! I like that an outdoorish lamp-post style light is brought indoors and that the clear glass allows light to reach all the nooks and crannies of the pantry.
Now all the pantry needs is new paint, a window and a major organization overhaul (using my new jars). Baby steps...


  1. Genius! Would you like to come overhaul anything at my casa?

  2. I just decided it was more of an update than an overhaul so I had to change the title. HOWEVER, I would love to overhaul your garage and use it to park my car in. Oh how lucky you are to have a garage!