Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Phase Two of Interior Painting Begins

After our four-month long stint of painting the upstairs last Summer, we took some time off to enjoy life without a paint brush or roller in our hands. Now we are back at it and taking aim at the main level of the house. I'm beyond excited to paint over the mauve stairway and entryway, the yellow/beige/tan in the living room, the red walls and metallic gold ceilings in the dining room and the bright wasabi green color in the kitchen.

First up is the entryway and the staircase leading to the second story. The walls, ceilings, staircase risers and front door are all getting a fresh coat. Here's a few before pics and some updates on progress we've made so far.

Before pics of the entryway and landing:

Here's a before shot of the staircase leading upstairs next to a photo of the staircase primed. What a huge difference already!

 Here's a preview of the progress we've made in the main entry area. The first photo shows the space primed and the second shows it after the first coat of paint was applied. It's amazing how much larger and brighter the space feels!

The goal is to finish painting the space this week and move on to the living room next week.


  1. I love the entryway! It looks so cheery and bright. Good luck with all the painting!

  2. In LOVE! That color is absolutely perfect! My jaw literally dropped open when I saw that final pic of the entry way. Gorgeous, darling! The only thing missing is the picture of you and Stacy painting! ; )

  3. I just finished painting my risers and it's such an instant gratification job! Yours look great!