Friday, July 30, 2010

Guess what we finally have....

After 473 days of living in our home we finally have a back yard with grass!!! The hardy, drought-resistant sod was delivered and installed yesterday. In my opinion, this is the most glorious moment in our home improvement adventure so far. There is something about not having a back yard to escape to that leaves me feeling unsettled. I can't wait to spend a few hours sprawling out in the grass and relaxing in the sun this weekend.

The new sod doesn't come without responsibility--twice daily watering will be required for the next three weeks. David took on the first morning watering session today.
The dirt patch you see on the right will become our veggie garden!
The West side "yard"
The East side yard


  1. The glory of SOD!!! That may be the quickest, most dramatic way to make over a large space! Looks like a nice place to take a nap : )

  2. I love love grass! Mind telling me what sod you used and where you got it? (, if you want to email. Thanks, in advance!)

  3. Hey Leslie! We got our sod from Anderson Family Farms in Canby (same company as Grower's Direct of They only carry two kinds of sod and we got the wider leaf, more drought-resistant variety. So far we are loving the grass and their price of 20 cents per square foot was the best around. Are you thinking of putting in some sod?

  4. Maybe I missed a prior post, but what are your current plans for your garage? I could see the rebar sticking up out of the concrete base walls in one picture, so it looks like you are all set to go, but I was surprised you put in sod before building the garage.

  5. The garage has been put on hold... the expense to finish it all had to be weighed against other projects and priorities, and instead of finishing the garage, we chose to finish renovating the inside of the house (upstairs bath, master bath, kitchen, downstairs flooring and paint) instead. What was going to be the garage will be just off-street parking for now, and we hope to revisit the project and complete the garage in a year or two.