Thursday, July 22, 2010

Master Bathroom: Smashy! Smashy!

David showed our master bathroom who was boss over the past week! He ripped out the shower tile, removed the shower doors, removed the bathtub, removed the toilet, removed the floating shelf that cut through the room and (apparently) used to be in style, removed the vanity and mirror, chipped away the tile flooring and opened up the wall where plumbing and electrical work will be done. It was quite the task but David accomplished it in record time! He's pretty much a pro at destroying rooms in our house by now. :)

It wasn't a surprise to find the original douglas fir flooring underneath the tile as we've found it in every other room of the house--although a portion of the flooring near the (non-existent) door was removed and patched with plywood at some point. It was a surprise to discover a fairly level base flooring surface on which to put cement board and new tile! Our guest bathroom floor situation did not prove to be so user-friendly.

The room is now ready for electrical and plumbing work which will begin next week!!

Click here to see the bathroom pre-destruction.

1 comment:

  1. Talk about stress relief!! Messy work but so fun and satisfying!!! Good luck with the project and can't wait to see the results!