Thursday, June 4, 2009

Prep, Paint and Panic. Not necessarily in that order.

Tip: Don't remove door knob and backplate hardware, place that door hardware outside the room, leave the rest of the hardware installed in the door and then decide painting the corner of that room would be much easier if that door were closed.....This can result in initial panic realizing you are locked in a small, second story room with no way down to the ground level and no cell phone. Then, in a McGiver moment, you spot the oscillating pedestal fan in the corner. You realize you can unplug it, bend the two metal pieces from the plug until they touch, line up and insert this perfectly sized item into the hardware and turn.....genius. Crisis averted. My tip to you is Fan plug = door knob in a pinch. You thought my tip was not to get locked in rooms, huh?! Fat chance, locking yourself in rooms is totally cool.

We are continuing prep and prime work in the guest room. In the mean time, we have finished the walls in the master bedroom. All that's left is to paint the trim and windows. Here's a sneak preview:

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