Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Devil is in the Details

As paint progress and window rehab continues on the second floor (more updates on that soon), we've been searching high and low for switch plates, ceiling fans, bedroom lights, hallway lights, door hardware, house numbers, a mailbox and various missing window hardware...that ALL coordinates! Not an easy task by any means, but I feel confidant that we've found a fantastic combo platter of the above items that will take our house to the next level.

We found some great deals that saved us a bundle, and we also splurged on a few key items. We want to keep as much of these details historically accurate (with an Arts & Crafts spin) while fueling my fire for all things in an oil rubbed bronze finish. Drum roll please...

Bedroom schoolhouse light from (saved, $52)
Don't even get me started on Rejuvenation's prices for lights like this.

Hunter Low-Profile ceiling fans from Home Depot (in-store) with 'schoolhouse' light kits (saved, approx $65 per fan)
Due to our low ceiling height, we decided on a very simple low-profile flush-mount style ceiling fan in white. The oil bronzed versions of these fans are beautiful, but very dark and lower the visual height of the ceiling considerably. The white fans almost disappear into the ceilings, so this will be the only hardware item NOT in the oil rubbed bronze finish. However, in the guest bedroom there will be a ceiling fan AND a second light fixture (shown above). This was a big reason we decided on the schoolhouse light shade style. Not only is it historically accurate, but it's available in both standard light fixtures and as a light kit for the ceiling fan so all can coordinate.

Upstairs Hallway Landing fixture from (splurged, $196)
This image isn't the oil rubbed bronze finish like we ordered, but you can get the style idea. I LOVE this fixture.

Front Door Hardware from Lowe's (saved & splurged, $138)
Splurged because we could have gone with simple knob hardware we used on the side door (below) for $55. Saved because the similar hardware sets at Rejuvenation are $260-$550.

Side Door Hardware from Lowe's (saved, $55)

Replacement sash window locks from Home Depot (in-store), (saved, $2.95 each)
At you can expect to pay $18 per lock.

Replacement window sash lifts from (saved, $4.29 each)
The 'old' window sash lift was 1 5/8" wide while most today are 2" wide so finding this item is stores is not easy. Since we are matching the originals, I wanted to get the correct size. Rejuvenation sells a set of these sash lifts for $14. Since we only need 3, was a much better deal and is a great resource for reasonably priced reproduction parts.

Switch Plates from (saved, $3.99 each) carries this metal switch plate that has the same oil rubbed bronze look as all our other hardware. Priced from $3.99 per switch plate this is a FANTASTIC deal as most other sources were $10-$30 per switch plate for the oil rubbed bronze versions. They carry ANY configuration of plate you can imagine, including dimmer knobs. Love this site!

House Numbers from (saved and splurged, $12.95 each)
Standard house numbers can be found for $4 each, but many Arts & Crafts style numbers go for up to $24.95 each. We really like the combination of the numbers in our address in this particular style so at $12.95 per number it was a happy medium.

Arts & Crafts style mailbox from (saved, $44.95 with 5% AAA discount)
Similar mailboxes from Rejuvenation start at $139.

Front Porch light from (splurged, $159 on sale)

The only thing left to find is interior door hardware. Since we'll most likely have to replace the doors upstairs, we're waiting on this until we finish painting and look into getting new doors. I can't wait to see how it all looks together!!!


  1. It's going to look AWESOME!!! Talk about some great deals! Those switch plate prices are unheard of!!! I love the splurges, too. Well worth it. And the house numbers couldn't be any cooler! Now the fun part... installing all of them. Have fun with that one!!!

  2. wow, thanks for all the awesome website recommendations!

  3. I found your blog when searching for schoolhouse lights. Do you know the manufacturer or item# for the light you purchased at I contacted them, and they weren't able to find it from the picture. I love the selections you have made for your house!