Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Paint Colors...CHECK!

Our overall paint theme is cool colors upstairs and warm colors downstairs. But for now we're just focusing on the upstairs. I wanted a color that would compliment our newly resurfaced and very orangeish Douglas Fir floors, and a color that we wouldn't be sick of after a few months. To add increased contrast and interest to the spaces, I wanted a lighter shade of a color in the bedrooms and a darker shade of the same color in the hallway and stair area.

I fell in love with two particular green colors from Restoration Hardware and could not find anything I liked better. However, I did find prices that I liked better. After doing some research and meeting with our local paint expert, DJ (thanks DJ!), we decided to go with Valspar Ultra Premium paint sold at Lowe's. I had samples of Valspar paint mixed to match my colors from Restoration Hardware and was happy to find the match was DEAD ON when I did a test painting on some old wood. Because we live on a busier street and are expecting to have higher than average dust on the walls, we decide to go with a Satin finish a slight sheen to it and will hold up to cleaning better than your typical Eggshell wall paint finish.

We decided the trim, baseboards and windows will all be painted in Valspar's Ultra White in a semi-gloss finish to help the subtle green colors pop as much as possible.

Here's the color for the bedrooms:
(Matched to Restoration Hardware's Eucalyptus)

Here's the color for the staircase and landing hallway:
(Matched to Restoration Hardware's Sycamore Green)

We have one coat on the master wall so far and it looks even more fabulous on the walls than I had imagined. I'll be posing pics soon!

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