Friday, March 18, 2011

Guest Bathroom: The Renovation is Complete!

The purple paint is gone. The pink paint is gone. The pink tiles are gone. The laminate is gone. The shower enclosure is gone. The vanity is gone. The shelf going through the middle of the space is gone. Gone is a glorious word.

As for what is not gone, it's a short list. The original medicine cabinet was spared and received a fresh coat of paint along with a new miorror. The toilet also stayed, but was spruced up with a new handle and seat.

All the 'before' photos can be seen at this post but here's a snapshot of what the bathroom looked like when we started:
The bathroom is small and there was no option to exand. We wanted to give it an airy and roomy feel, keep it functional and restore it with period charm. We wanted to add back in a bath option for kids while keeping the shower option for adults. Below is the mood board I created as our guideline during renovation. 

Here's a list of what we did:
- Demo included removing the old shower pan, enclosure and tile, removing the vanity, removing a decorative shelf than ran overhead and removing multiple layers of vinyl flooring
- Installed the used tub (you might remember it from this post as 'The Strangest Thing I Have Ever Purchased') and had it resurfaced 
- Had the tub professionally resurfaced and refinished
- Built a bench next to the tub (also covered in Subway tile)
- Installed 1" hex tiles on the floor
- Put in matte white Subway tiles in the tub/shower surround
- Added white wainscoting all around the room 
- Installed a Kohler Memoirs Pedestal sink with 8" centers
-  Restored the original medicine cabinet with new paint and mirror
- Added a cabinet above the toilet for storage
- New hardware and seat on the original toilet
- Swapped out the original light for a beautiful Schoolhouse Electric light (Northwestern 4 with a CL-2283-09-4 shade)

We couldn't be happier with how it turned out:


 Period details we brought in throughout the bathroom:


  1. Love the restored medicine cabinet, the tiny tub (SO JEALOUS about that) and the cool new light. Great work!

  2. Looks very nicely done. Congratulations!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You guys did a great job and it looks so fresh. Maybe I will finish painting ours this weekend...

  4. Looks great!!! Love the period details you brought back into the bathroom, and the rehab of the medicine cabinet was such a great idea. At least it was salvageable!

  5. Wow! What a difference. It looks great. You totally made it brighter, and I love your choices for floor and colors. So great!

  6. beautiful! we have a pink bathroom in our home and i love what you did with yours - especially the tile choices. well done!

  7. Ooooooh! Nice job! I love it. The only teensy little thing I don't like is the black wall plate over the sink outlet. Everything else (all the other black accents) looks great! I'm also a huge fan of that old medicine cabinet.

  8. Wow, it's stunning. That sink is such a great piece! But weren't you a teeny tiny bit sad to see the whales go?? : )

    Seriously, though, beautiful job. It looks so relaxing and inviting now!

  9. There are some people who are more into appearance and the aesthetic appeal of rooms than the function, but when it comes to a bathroom it should really always be about practicality.

  10. Looks like there's a big change happened in your bathroom. Anyway, I wonder how will it look like if you add some brown shade in your bathroom. Anyway, white bathroom looks clean and fresh too.

  11. This is so elegant. A freshly look bathroom is all that I wanted. It is important to keep your bathroom clean because it is the mirror of your humanity.

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    Thanks. Great job!
    Fred Albert, Editor in Chief

  13. Looks much brighter and bigger now.. great job...^_^

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  14. congrats! keep up the good work/this is a great presentation.
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  15. I like the lavatory with pedestal.. it made a big change.. space of the bathroom really looks much wider with it. nice.


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  16. Really liked it, seems that is a large bathroom.

  17. Everything looks so good, can't believe that in such a small place everything is managed perfectly. The lights and the handles are perfect for this.

  18. the white subway wall tiles look great, Subway tiles are massive over here in Great Britain over the last 6 months. Great job here!

  19. Fantastic! My two thumbs up for the job well done.

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