Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guest Bathroom: Less Floor is More

Removing the layers of flooring which have accumulated over the past 99 years was the latest guest bathroom demo project.

In the shower area, there were two layers of
linoleum and three layers of plywood to rip up. In the rest of the bathroom, there were two layers of linoleum, two layers of plywood, a surprise layer of original tongue-and-groove Douglas Fir (a sweet surprise!) and a layer of metal.

David removed all the layers down to the original fir. Our goal is to salvage the fir to use as patches for the master bedroom floor (click here to see the wall we tore out) and the soon-to-be hole in the kitchen floor.

First the linoleum was removed:
Then off came the plywood:David's saw blade was the first to meet this layer of metal:We were pretty excited to discover original fir floors:Project 'Save The Fir Floors' begins this weekend. Click here to see what the bathroom looked like before demo began.


  1. I love those workboots. I have some very similar boots

  2. ha ha! Safety first, always keep those toes protected with boots. :)

  3. check out these three switch plates- very Arts & Crafts.

  4. oh wow, those are fantastic. Aurora Mills looks like a great salvage shop and they even have a blog!