Saturday, March 27, 2010

Copy Cat Chic: Veranda Round Chandelier

One of my favorite blogs is Copy Cat Chic. It's a perfectly simple blog that finds cheap-yet-chic alternatives for chic-but-expensive home decor pieces. It's such a great idea for a blog and a great resource for affordable decor finds. When I stumbled upon a chic deal of my own today, I decided it was time to do my first post channeling Copy Cat Chic. Here goes...

Veranda Round Chandelier
sold by Pottery Barn
$349 + $34.90 shipping = $383.90
BVR-8W Veranda Round 8 White Shade Wood Chandelier

sold by general-lighting (eBay store)
$119 + free shipping = $119
It's the EXACT same chandelier at a savings of $264.90. And it will soon be hanging above our dinning room table!


  1. Always loved that Pottery Barn chandelier but would not pay that price. Love this website even more! Thanks for cluing us in on it.

  2. Hey - how is the chandelier? Is it good quality and just as nice-looking as in the pic?

  3. The chandelier is beautiful and very high quality. I would recommend it!

  4. How do I get the copy cat version pls?!

  5. I've seen it at

  6. Is it still available? I cannot find it anywhere

  7. Unfortunately, it is no longer available on eBay.