Saturday, March 27, 2010

Copy Cat Chic: Veranda Round Chandelier

One of my favorite blogs is Copy Cat Chic. It's a perfectly simple blog that finds cheap-yet-chic alternatives for chic-but-expensive home decor pieces. It's such a great idea for a blog and a great resource for affordable decor finds. When I stumbled upon a chic deal of my own today, I decided it was time to do my first post channeling Copy Cat Chic. Here goes...

Veranda Round Chandelier
sold by Pottery Barn
$349 + $34.90 shipping = $383.90
BVR-8W Veranda Round 8 White Shade Wood Chandelier

sold by general-lighting (eBay store)
$119 + free shipping = $119
It's the EXACT same chandelier at a savings of $264.90. And it will soon be hanging above our dinning room table!