Saturday, May 30, 2009

Paiting = Lots of work

Just last night I finished prep work on the walls and ceilings in the master bedroom. After days of spackling, sanding, spackling, sanding and adding texture, it was finally time to prime!

I spend EIGHT hours priming today. Yes, eight. That included a little more prep work of masking off the windows and removing the sashes from the windows, but other than was all priming. The master is the only room in the house that still had original wood trim on two doors and the windows. Unfortunately, the room is missing half the base boards and a door frame of trim, so rather than try to match new wood replacements we decided to do the unthinkable and cover up the last remaining wood. Plus, we thought it may look a little odd if tht room was the only one with wood trim and the rest of the house has white.

Here's a before pic:
Here are some highlights of the room that had to be dealt with...
Crack in ceiling that turned into this big hole:

Art drawn directly on the wall (so long bizarre sharpie drawing, you won't be missed):

So many areas of the wall required repair that I'll probably have to do a second coat of primer on all the trim and the ceiling of the room. Since the wall color is so light, it will require two coats of paint so that should be enough over one coat of prime.

Here's the wall by the windows repaired and ready for primer.

After one coat of primer:

On the docket for tomorrow is coat #2 of primer on the trim and windows in the master. Then I'll mask off and paint the ceiling with the ceiling paint! I'm looking forward of adding a coat of paint that is final and will actually be seen. Painting primer that's just going to be painted over again is not the favorite. And this is just ONE room!! I may never be done painting.

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