Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We Nailed It!

Last night our preparation of the walls began on the second story. The painting phase is coming up soon and I can't wait to see these walls with a fresh coat (well, actually 3-4 coats by the time we get done, but who's counting).

We removed tacks, nails, screws, push-pins, picture hangers and hooks from walls, window frames, doors and ceilings. I even found two pieces of foam stuffed into a 1" diamter hole that went all the way through the plaster. We removed blind hardware, old curtain rods and plastic strips (from old window sealing kits) from the windows . It was quite shocking to see how full our bag of reclaimed wall-goodies was by the end.

The sick part of all this....I LOVED IT! I compare removing and fixing holes in the wall to my obsession with using Photoshop. I have this sick need to fix every blemish, scratch or imperfection in photos and will sit in from of my computer ALL DAY doing this without ever getting bored (luckily I do it for a living). Alas, I was kind of sad last night when phase one of the hole repair was complete. I seriously could have stayed up all night pulling stuff out of the walls and covering the holes back up again.

Tonight we begin phase two of spackling and plastering. There may even be some sanding and texturing tonight. Yippie! Here are a few choice areas in need of a weeeee bit of attention.

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  1. Spackle Sisters!!!! I, TOO, love filling in holes!!! Not normal. It may be a slight OCD tendency, but I'm totally following the let down of having filled all the holes.