Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Expect The Unexpected

We knew from tests our home inspector conducted that our HVAC system was working, but air flow was restricted if not completely shut off to a few rooms, most notably the master bedroom. As the HVAC system is covered under our home warranty, we weren't too concerned about this issue and it wasn't as pressing as other repairs so it has been left as-is. We were reminded of our HVAC issues when we realized the entire HVAC system should be cleaned since lead paint dust probably made it into the system while the floors were being redone. This prompted us to begin talking about scheduling a pro to come out and investigate the airflow issues.

Last night as we continued our quest to prep the walls for painting, I began removing all the various electrical hardware, switch plates and air duct vents. When I got to the master bedroom and removed the vent cover I discovered why there was no air flow to the room. What I saw was not an empty vent but I was staring at a pair of freaking Levi's jeans crammed into the vent. A PAIR OF LOW RISE BOOT CUT 34W JEANS!?! Someone went to the trouble of removing the vent cover, stuffing the jeans down the vent to cut off all air flow and screwing the vent cover back into place. Really? REALLY? What the hell!?!

After the shock wore off, the jeans were successfully removed from the vent and no bones/other creepy items were found rolled up in them, we were in the clear and the air flow mystery had been solved. We couldn't stop laughing as it dawned on us that we were going to call in a repair guy to fix our flow problem. Ha! Dave started running through all the various ways the HVAC guy would broke the news of our problem to us. One word: JEANS.

Now we just have to remember which other vent had a flow issue and see what hidden treasures we can find in it! A petty coat? A vintage curtain? I'm holding out hope for a wad of cash wrapped in a gun holster...


  1. This is definitely an unexpected find. What the heck?! Easy, cheap fix, though for a problem that shouldn't have been a problem to begin with. What weirdo renter thought that was a good idea???

  2. I have a couple ideas as to why someone might do that.

    A) That room might get much hotter than the others when the heat is on, or

    B) Someone was trying to block certain noises from traveling through the ductwork. Have you ever seen the movie "Delicatessen"? ;-)

  3. ha ha! You're probably SO right Joe. I hadn't thought of that. :)