Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Not-So-Fair(rah) Faucet

Soon after we started using the downstairs bathroom on a daily basis, we discovered the old, busted faucet leaked and was damaged beyond repair. If you wanted to wash your hands you had to be prepared to wash the (pink, plastic, ugly) counter afterward with the river of water that leaked out the side.

So we embarked on a search for a new faucet only to discover that the ugly ones are cheap and the nice ones are not so cheap. There were some good looking 'reasonably priced' faucets, but we plan to remodel the bathroom soon and thought we might want to replace this faucet again at that point and really wanted to keep the costs down. Luckily, my new online shopping BFF came to the rescue. We found a super cute historicalish faucet with a nice high arch for only $34.99 (now sold out)! It looked pretty gold in the photos online which I'm not a fan of, but we decided to get it anyway because it was a solid design for cheap. When the faucet arrived last week we were stoked to see only brushed silver brilliance, no gold in sight. We like it so much, I think we'll keep it even when we remodel! David installed it like a champ and now there is no more leaking. Whoo hoo!


  1. Drastic improvement! It's amazing what a "historicalish" faucet will do for you! And way to score big time with the price.

  2. Your new faucet really looks good, it has just given a new look to your basin. The best thing is that in cheap price historicity is maintained.