Sunday, February 27, 2011

New Doors All Around

Beautiful new 5-panel doors now live in the five doorways of our second story. We replaced four existing doors that where too short (due to removing carpet and vinyl tile) not square and UGLY! We added a door that's been missing since we moved in between the master bedroom and bathroom, and added mirrored sliding doors to the closet in the master bathroom.

When we painted the upstairs last year we took extra care to get perfectly straight lines where the walls met the doorway  trim. It was only after we finished painting that we realized installing new doors would mean removing the trim and reinstalling it (which would completely destroy the paint job we slaved over). WHOOPS! Here's the state of the salvaged trim after the new doors were installed:

David tackled the touch-up work around the trim which included patching, sanding, texturing, priming and painting each blemished spot. Then he painted each door a ultra white to match the trim and added new oil-rubbed bronze hardware. Here's a look at the transformations:
(You might notice a sneak peak of the renovations that are almost done in both bathrooms--I'll be posting about those very soon!)

Guest Bathroom: Door now opens into the bathroom rather than out. (By far the worst door to begin with!)

Master Bathroom: This doorway was sans door, trim or even flooring when we moved in.

Guest Bedroom (now Aiden's room): We were sad to see this original five-panel door go,
but we donated it to a local rebuilding center through which we hope it finds a new home.

Office (now the Office/Guest Room)

Master Bathroom
Master Bathroom Closet


  1. It looks gorgeous! That was some tedious work, I'm sure! Can I add that I'm sad to see the original 5 panel door go, as well? I have visions of making an awesome table or something out of it!

  2. Wow! You guys have been super busy! Congrats because it looks amazing and it was all worth it.

  3. As they say: It's the little things! Nice work!

  4. Hello. I love seeing the progress on your house after finding this Blog. I have a similar home that I'm renovating. My house had nearly the exact same type of panel doors as your new ones, but with 6 panels instead. Sadly these aren't available anymore (unless I want to pay something like 600$/door for a solid wood repro). The only thing I'm sad that you're also losing in YOUR home is the look of the door knobs with the rectangular backplates. This is just my personal preference, but I find that the plain round knobs look much too new and "Home Depot-ish". FWIW, you CAN reuse old knobs and plates but use a brand new door mechanism. It wouldn't match your "oil rubbed bronze" finish though...

    I can't wait to see your bathrooms!

  5. <3 the new doors! Where did you find them? We were very fortunate that the doors weren't one of the things ruined in our house. I loved to see that we have the exact same trim & moldings in our house. This gives me hope about how our hom can look someday.

  6. We got the doors from Suburban Door ( They were great to deal with - they sent out a guy to measure and give us a quote, and their prices were very competitive - a little less than $200 per pre-hung door with trim, delivered.