Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Pregnant Pause

Yes, there have been a serious lack of posts lately. No, the house projects have not slowed down (in fact they sped up!). This recent blog neglect was for a very good reason. On November 24th we welcomed our son, Aiden James, into the world! We're certain he'll be a natural at home improvement when he gets a little older. Until then, Aiden gets VERY sad when we tell him he's too little to run the power tools...
For those who are interested, I started another blog for posting photos of Aiden and our family. Click here to check it out. I plan to keep this blog strictly about the house and to resume posting very soon! In fact, I have so many updates, upgrades and transformations to post I don't know where to start. Happy New Year to all you in blog world!


  1. Congratulations! The little guy looks too cute in that second picture!

  2. Oh that's awesome! That hair! What a cutie - congratulations!!