Sunday, November 7, 2010

We are FLOORED - Part II

Last Spring we had the original fir floors upstairs refinished (click here for that post) and always planned to have the main level floors refinished this year. After painting all the rooms on the main level, it was finally go-time for the floors.

Under tiles (many cracked), linoleum and layers of paint we found beautiful, original fir floors throughout the main level. There were a few old, improper patches that had to be addressed and patch correctly with fir. What would a home improvement project be without a few surprises?

Here's a look at the transformation:
Dining Room - Fir floor restoration
Kitchen - Fir floors under tile
Kitchen - Fir floors under tile, Old patch had to be repaired

Old patch in the it never happened!
Pantry -Fir floors under linoleum
Staircase to side door and basement - Fir floors under layer of paint
Entryway - Fir floors under tile
Entryway - Fir floors under file


  1. You are SO lucky to have found such beautiful floors under that tile. I'm still wondering what we'll find under our linoleum floors.

  2. Wow- especially under the tile in the entry way. Really, nice work.

  3. Nicely done! It's amazing such an impact that new (old) floors can have.