Monday, August 9, 2010

More Painting Completed: The Living Room

Next up in the long line of rooms to paint this Summer was the living room. The walls and ceiling started out  the same dirty, tan/beige/yellow, dull color. We couldn't wait to paint the ceiling white which really opened up the room. We painted the walls the same fresh, brighter yellow that we used in the entryway and did some major touch-up to the black trim. Overall the transformation wasn't shockingly huge, but the room looks so much brighter and feels so much more open now!

Here's a glimpse of the new living room followed by some before and after breakdowns:


  1. The white ceiling make the biggest difference of all in that room! Wow! It looks airy now instead of like you're stuck inside a butter dish. : )

  2. It's coming together so nicely!!!!!! I love the lighter color!

  3. I absolutely love the built-in buffet. Those pocket doors are really neat.