Friday, December 11, 2009

In the closet? Out of the closet? I say all that really matters is that there's a door on that closet.

And our office closet now has a door. We ordered the thing FOREVER ago and it just arrived. The guy at Lowe's apologized for it taking so long and claims there was a 'holiday rush'. Hmm...a holiday rush for closet doors? Riiight. I think they just forgot about our order until David called to check on it a few weeks ago.

Here's a look at what the closet looked like when we moved in (eww):
Dave installed the new shelves and racks in October and we were just waiting for that door to arrive...
The closet opening needed to be lowered slightly for the closet door to fit:We decided on a mirrored door with trim the color of the floors andd here's the finished product:


  1. I bet that door makes the room brighter and feel larger. Looks good!

  2. I was just browsing your old posts (researching carpet removal, for my sister's upcoming project) and saw the first pictures of your house. You've done such a nice job, already, and in such a short amount of time. This house has already gone from eye-sore to eye-catching. Your neighbors appreciate it! Plus, I enjoy following your updates :-)

  3. Heya, great remodeling job you guys have going! Can we hire you to come do ours? I love being able to see what old friends are up to through their blogs... you should check out Bridget's (

  4. I like the way that the mirrored door opens up the room and bounces light all around! Sorry you got caught up in that "holiday rush" ;).