Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Mean, Green Earth Machine

And....we're back! After many weeks of traveling, a wedding (congrats Nick & Kurstin!) and hosting company I'm back in the blogging business.

Today I fulfilled a little fantasy I've had since we moved to Portland, I'm officially a composter! In my mind this means the veggie gardens that will (hopefully) exist by next summer will be bountiful and uber-organic.

Word on the street lead us to Metro after hearing they had a great composter for $39 with a retail value of $80. And indeed, Metro had the Earth Machine at that great price and we snatched one up (ours ended up being $46 because we got the aerated bottom add-on which helps keep critters out). One of the label reads 'The Earth Machine: 21st Century Home Composting'. So...unfortunately I have to report the composter is not period-correct for our 20th century home, but what can you do? You can't win them all.

We got the compost batch off to a good start with kitchen greens, yard greens and yard browns. Yeah, that's right. I know all the fancy pants compost terms and I'm not afraid to use them.

The first compost:

I also want to say a hello to Leslie, Zack (sp?) and their adorable dog who live just up the street. I had the pleasure to meet Leslie as she was walking by the house this afternoon. Her, Dave's mom Susan and I were chatting when she realized she recognized our house from the blog. Who knew, people ACTUALLY read this! In a VERY huge coincidence, Leslie had also been to Metro today to buy The Earth Machine...happy composting Leslie!


  1. I might be double posting, or my post didn't go through. Either way, it was fun finding out that we live in the same neighborhood and I have been reading your blog- small world! I felt a bit like a creepy internet stalker type, but I went home very inspired to start doing more research and getting ready for our own home improvement projects! (Oh! And the pup's name is Boone :-) ) Happy painting!

  2. Boone! Much cuter. :) If you happen to read this, what company are planning to get an estimate from to strip your wood? We are thinking we might want to get an estimate before we put another layer of paint over our trim and moldings inside.

  3. Houck's! Not sure, but I think it's pronounced "hoax." The website even has a PRICE LIST!

  4. Thanks for the info Leslie! :)