Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Painting Progress: Dining Room Complete

We've been painting like mad over the past few weeks and have made some major progress. The latest room to be transformed is the dining room. The red walls and gold metallic ceilings were begging us to paint over them since the day we bought the house. The ceilings are now white and the walls are a rich, flat-finish tan. The beautiful wainscoting and box beam woodwork were painted glossy black at some point in the past and we decided to keep the black (anything else would have been SO much more work!). In the end I'm so glad we did--the glossy finish of the black reflects the lighter wall and ceiling colors and doesn't feel as dark as it originally did.

We also swapped out the old (read 70's gaudy and tacky) chandelier for the new model we purchased a while back. When the new chandelier arrived we were surprised to see it was quite a bit more red than was advertised. But over the past few months the red grew on us and now I absolutely love the unexpected, rich pop of color it gives to the room.

Here's what the dining room looks like now:

Here's what we started with:

Before and after shots:


  1. What a difference!

    Was the old light fixture original?

    I'm looking at a light fixture like yours, but smaller- only 4 lights. I'm so unsure of picture a dining room light fixture!

  2. Hi Leslie! No, the old light fixture wasn't original. I actually took it to Rejuvenation to see if they could tell me it's value and they (nicely) told me it was a piece of junk! :)

  3. Awesome! haha
    We just finished our dining room (so many months later than planned...) and are getting ready for the yard and kitchen!
    SO jealous of your master bath project!