Thursday, April 29, 2010

Project Backyard: Now with Access!

Kelly: "David, I just got home, and the house smells like gas and is full of smoke!"
David: "Um, yeah, that's because they are using a gas saw."
Kelly: "Using a GAS saw? That's a real thing?"
David: "Yeah, it's a two-stroke motor with a blade attached to it. I used to sell them."

...and that's about as interesting as I can make a post about installing a door where there wasn't one previously. As relatively un-interesting as it is, however, I am very glad to say that we now have a door from our basement to the outside world.

It's amazing what a door down there has done... We can now get into the backyard area without walking around the house. We can now move things in and out of the basement without maneuvering them up the stairs. We can now feel how the flow of the home will change once the basement is finished, usable space that connects to the outside world. And, we can now add an additional bedroom to the basement without having to add egress windows. Hooray!

One quick tip - Kwikset Smartkey Door Hardware and Locks. We used these in the new door, and it allows you to re-key the lock to any key in about 30 seconds. Waaay easier and more convenient than a locksmith.

Some before and after:

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