Sunday, April 25, 2010

A beautiful day in the neighborhood!

I'm so glad Spring is finally here and outdoor projects are starting up again! Before Winter hit we had a french drain put in. This left the side yard a muddy strip of ugly land.Since then weeds, random bulbs and grass have taken over.While enjoying the beautiful day I did some serious weeding, planted hostas and ferns, and put down a thick layer of mulch. VoilĂ ! The side yard now looks like this...


  1. I think this might be the solution for our leaking basement! The plantings and mulch look fantastic and that's about how much space we have at the side of our house, so I may be coping this idea.

  2. I'm with cottage on this one. We have this exact problem at our house. We just hired a contractor to come in and fix this from He recommended something very similar to this solution. Glad to see that this works and it will likely solve our problem as well. Good luck to you as well Cottage!

  3. That looks awesome. I feel a similar post coming for my rose garden soon. Thanks for the inspiration!