Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Liveable Rooms! Liveable Rooms!

After nearly 3 months of non-stop work, our upstairs rooms are liveable and beautiful (if I do say so myself!). Rather than drag out all the details of the work we completed, just know the blood and sweat is buried within the postings of this blog. Without further ado, here are some before and after pics of the upstairs.

Master Bedroom:


Guest Bedroom:


The Built-In:


  1. Beautiful!!! The floors are fantastic, the colors are subtle but set off the white enough to make to rooms POP! Oh, and don't forget the fantastic new light fixtures. You get an F for FABULOUS!!!!

  2. Looks like things are coming along wonderfully! I assume, that, like our house, your woodwork has layers upon layers of oil and latex paint. How are you handling with that?

    PS the exterior looks really nice!

  3. Ooh didn't realize that it wouldn't show my name- this is Leslie, from around the corner. You can see by my "name" that I am considering a blog about our home improvement, too.

  4. Ditto what Kim said - plus the PB velvet curtains! Fabulous!

  5. Hi Leslie, I'm excited to hear there may be a new neighborhood blog. :) As for the layers of old paint issue, we did two things. 1. We did 4 passes of a TSP wash on all the paint upstairs. Washing with TSP was a lead abatement process to clean any excess paint from sanding the lead paint off the floors, and it also neutralized any acid in the paint, deglossed the walls and helped the new primer adhere to your walls. 2. We used one coat of a heavy-duty primer (Zinzer 1-2-3) on all the trim, previously high gloss areas and any exposed wood. We just used a standard interior primer on the walls. After that, we put two coats of color on top. It worked really well, the paint looks great!